Our Chocolate

What makes our handmade ‘paired chocolate truffles’ unique is the flavor journey born from combining two complementary yet distinctly different layers of velvety, creamy chocolate ganache that blend traditional flavor favorites with novel departures using savory, exotic, or unconventional delicacies characteristic of unique global regions like fruits, flowers, spices, herbs, and seeds. To create the sense-venture tasting and sensory experience, Marco Paolo Chocolates searches the world for the finest pure and natural ingredients available for our chocolate truffles. We never use extracts, artificial flavoring, or fillers.

Our chocolates are primarily dark made from some of the most prized cacao beans in the world, such as Tanzania’s single origin chocolate which has the perfect balance of acidity and intense cocoa bitterness, lifted by floral notes. As well as, Ecuador’s Cacao Nacional de Arriba, a rare varietal with a perfumed floral scent and smooth herbal flavor with a nutty finish produced by an indigenous cacao farmers’ cooperative. We strive to use chocolates from producers that adhere to Fair trade practices.

Marco Paolo Chocolates is passionate about our constant search for new tantalizing ingredients, while continually striving to maintain the highest quality of product. Our emphasis on wholesome fresh ingredients is what makes the tasting journey a sense-venture of the spirit. Discover the difference an exciting and rewarding chocolate sensory experience can make, which like all great moments, is sure to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.