Mark Lewis, chocolate artisan and founder of Marco Paolo Chocolates, has been a life-long connoisseur of fine chocolates who wanted to meld his passion for creating flavor harmony in unique ways with his obsession for chocolate. The result is a line of paired chocolate ganache truffles that extend the experience of one of life’s most universal pleasures; the joy and comfort of chocolate indulgence.

His personal exploration and development of unique flavor profiles has been years in the making, and is a continuing process full of excitement and discovery.

Making chocolate truffles was inspired by Mark’s infatuation with a Scotch Bonnet truffle, discovered at a new French style chocolate confectionary and pastry shop in his neighborhood. The now defunct chocolatier made one particularly luscious, not too sweet, but deceivingly spicy tiny morsel that melted in your mouth and left a lasting tingling impression, which was surprisingly distinctive from the others that lacked prominent flavors. These Scotch Bonnet truffles were very small and expensive, so Mark decided to try and make his own version in a size that fit his cravings. The results were good on first attempt and improved with each trial. After many successes and failures working chocolate and formulating recipes, he took a series of classes at the famed Chocolate Academy in Chicago with well-known French chocolatiers. There his previous trials and tribulations permitted him to soak up the knowledge instantly. He then returned home to practice and further expand the culinary horizons.

Wanting to re-create some of the fabulous two-layered chocolate pralines they’d prepared in Chicago, but unable to afford the special equipment to make them, he decided to layer two different ganaches in molded chocolate shells. Thus, he became one of the few chocolatiers to make two-layered paired ganache truffles.

He then became intrigued with choosing flavors that were unique and complimentary, but would also enhance the tasting experience. That is how he learned to extend the flavor experience by utilizing the concept of flavor notes (see Tasting Chocolate).Friends and family were so excited they pressured Mark to serve them whenever possible. Then a friend asked him to make some for a Christmas party he was throwing, and the business blossomed from there. Today Marco Paolo Chocolates are an intriguing indulgence that can be treasured wherever you go.

All our products are carefully prepared at The Chef’s Center of Pasadena, 45 N San Gabriel Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107.