As fate would have it, most great ideas have been stumbled upon by chance. That is how the partnership of RKS Design and Marco Paolo Chocolates came about.

Primarily known as a family friend and successful businessman, well known for introducing a re-design of the iconic electric guitar, Ravi Sawhney and his lovely wife Amalia, were invited to an impromptu family gathering. During the dinner conversation, someone asked how Marco Paolo Chocolates, a fledgling company at the time, was doing. Before long, some of our chocolate truffles, which we were reluctant to serve because all that were available were a few unattractive leftovers from a catered tea a few days prior, were served for dessert. Much to our delight, everyone loved our distinctive double-layered chocolate truffles.

However, the most intriguing part of the story is that the friend we had only known simply as Ravi was also the coauthor of the book Predictable Magic and creator of its well respected product design and development philosophy Psycho-Aesthetics. After reading a lent copy of his book, our vision for the Marco Paolo Chocolates, as a company, came into sharper focus.

A few months later, Amalia ordered some Marco Paolo Chocolate truffles for a special event, but when they picked them up, a puzzled frown appeared on Ravi’s face. As fate would have it, his displeasure wasn’t with the chocolates, which they heartily praised, but with the dull standard packaging they were delivered in. Much to our surprise and good fortune, Ravi Sawhney offered to have his team at RKS Design, a world-class design firm based in Southern California, help develop packaging, he promised, “that would be worthy of the quality of our chocolates.”

The successful collaboration with RKS eventually led to the development of the Marco Paolo Chocolates brand. By incorporating the most basic elements of our company; artisanal craftsmanship, pure ingredients, social and ecological values, and the love for fun adventure, RKS helped Marco Paolo Chocolates come to light as a viable world-class brand. And our hope is that you will think so too!

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