Pairing Marco Paolo Chocolates with Wine

Marco Paolo chocolate truffles can bring out the best characteristics of good wine, and vice versa. When pairing the two, these flavors can either embrace or repulse each other. Depending on the type of chocolate, extra bitter, bitter, semisweet, milk, and white, its sweetness can often clash with very dry wine making it taste acidic. It is a common practice to match chocolate with a wine that is comparably as sweet or sweeter, while keeping in mind that chocolate truffles with a lighter flavor pair well with light-bodied wines, and those with intense flavors couple best with more full-bodied wines. Referring to chocolate as “light” doesn’t necessarily mean choosing between white and milk chocolate versus dark chocolate, but rather the predominant impact of the chocolate truffle. For example, a milk or white chocolate containing intensely sour fruit or spices will effectively have a stronger impact on the palate than dark chocolates with delicate ganaches.

A better suggestion is to look for a chocolate truffle with flavor notes that most closely match that of your wine. Recall that a flavor note = aroma + taste, and richness (see Guide to Colorful Chocolate Descriptors). The focus is on balance, so try matching either the characteristics of the truffle’s outer chocolate shell or the duo of flavored ganache ingredients inside.

Remember to trust your own perceptions, for if you can at least please yourself, then certainly there will be others that feel the same way. And, above all, have fun researching it!

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