Napo Region of the Ecuadorian AmazonAt Marco Paolo Chocolates, we are passionate about adventure!  Whether zip-lining through a tropical cloud forest, hiking ancient Inca Trails in the Andes, or simply indulging in your own sense-venture with Marco Paolo Chocolate truffles, we encourage every mind to quench the passion of their heart’s yearning.  And just as Marco Polo discovered unexplored regions of his ancient world, we hope all chocolate lovers consider discovering the natural beauty of our world while quenching their passion for chocolate through sustainable eco tourism.Eco Touring - Kichwa Indigineous natives of Ecuador Kallari - Savoring raw Cacao seeds

Did you know that the cocoa tree – Theobroma Cacao – only grows in humid regions near the Equator? Specifically in the geographic band that is between the 20 degree northern and southern latitudes. What better place to explore the wonder of nature than the lush tropical regions of Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, or the Dominican Republic where your presence can be a powerful tool to reduce in poverty in third world countries at the local level through ecotourism?

Bartolo harvesting Cocoa PodsMarco Paolo Chocolates encourages sustainable exploration through Chocolate eco-tours where the famed cacao tree can be found growing in the beauty of its natural environment while learning how it is harvested and processed into the chocolate that we all know and love.

Whether you choose to visit Kallari Chocolate, the indigenous Kichwa cooperative in Ecuador, the Bri Bri indigenous reserve in Costa Rica, or numerous other chocolate ecotourism opportunities for adventure throughout the globe remember that just like a sense-venture with Marco Paolo Chocolates,  adventure is simply a state of mind!