Now, that you have purchased Marco Paolo Chocolates, it is time to experience a flavor adventure that will send you drifting though luscious layers of complex sensations, or more accurately, a sense-venture (see What is a sense-venture?) of chocolate flavor notes, from your first bite to the lingering finish.

Chocolate is a very complex delicacy, especially Marco Paolo Chocolates two layered truffles that are specifically paired to make tasting into a journey of flavors like a musical passage of flavor notes.

Like wine, our chocolate truffles are something to be savored. And, just as there are methods used in wine tasting, so there are for chocolate as well.

Most people take a bite of chocolate, chew, and soon swallow, but have they really tasted the chocolate? Tasting chocolate (see Tasting Chocolate) is different than eating. Start by taking a bite on the side of the truffle from top to bottom so you get a bit of both flavors together, chewing it one or two times, and then stop and let it melt in your mouth to sense the full effect.