Guide to Colorful Chocolate Descriptors

When first attempting to describe flavor notes it is helpful to have a set of descriptive words to associate with the sensations on the palette. Traditional tasting wheels illustrate flavor notes by combining of aromas and tastes, but lack the fifth taste and the variations of bitter that I like to refer to as richness.

Flavor Note equals aroma plus taste,
and overall richness

Here is a different approach to recognizing flavor based on the unique ways the brain has been found to process the sensations of taste. Did you know that some people see taste as colors? They automatically fuse perceptions from two senses together. For example, when tasting lemon, the person may see the color yellow. Here are some examples of flavor notes categorized into colors. Remember, this is a purely individual process, so flavor notes may appear differently or change color over time.

Can you see, hear or feel flavor notes?


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